It's Chance.

Failure is an event, never a person.

—William D. Brown (via observando)


you would think the scariest thing about the x-files would be the monsters or the demons or the ghosts or whatever but no, the scariest thing is actually the group of old white men who control everything and i think that’s really telling


Making pizza in the 1970s

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'In case you never get a second chance: don't be afraid!'
‘And what if you do get a second chance?’
‘You take it!’

—C. JoyBell C. (via observando)


"i was born in the wrong generation" i say as i steal my grandkids hoverboards because fuck you i was promised these years ago

Destiny is a name often given in retrospect to choices that had dramatic consequences.

—J.K. Rowling (via observando)


John Harris


John Harris